Extermination services in the Beloeil region

Extermination services in Beloeil are useful for managing a variety of infestation problems, which often coincide with the arrival of summer.

Beloeil and its surroundings include a humid and forested environment, which opens the door to many unwanted pests. These can come from Mont-Saint-Hilaire or the Richelieu River. Other natural environments in the Richelieu Valley may also be involved.

Unwanted pests in the Beloeil region

The Richelieu Valley is a great place to live. However, this area of the Montérégie region often has to deal with wasps. Carpenter ants, pavement ants and mice are also prevalent in this region.

The Montérégie region has also reported many ticks on its territory in recent years. The Vallée-du-Richelieu is the sector most affected by this problem.

But there’s no need to panic! Advances in the extermination world allow us to eliminate the infestation in an environmentally friendly, safe and effective manner.

Wild animals in Beloeil

The Beloeil region can also have various issues with wild animals, such as raccoons or groundhogs. Although they are not dangerous, these animals may cause quite a bit of damage to your property.

Boisvert Gestion Parasitaire can prevent their spread and also relocate them to a suitable location.

Importance of choosing the right extermination services in Beloeil

Our team of exterminators is constantly on the lookout for all infestation problems. We have all the necessary solutions to get rid of these unwanted pests, in Beloeil or in the nearby cities of Otterburn Park or McMasterville.

Boisvert Gestion Parasitaire has over 30 years of experience in the field of extermination. We have developed residential, commercial and industrial services to help the region’s residents enjoy a pleasant, pest free environment.

Regardless of the season, our team has the solution to meet your needs. Contact our customer service team to eliminate your pest problems.  

Boisvert Gestion Parasitaire: experts in extermination and decontamination in Beloeil for over 30 years

Our services:

  • Residential extermination
  • Preventive pest management for businesses and industries
  • Wildlife control (groundhogs, skunks, pest bird species, etc.)
  • Preventive summer maintenance  
  • Annual residential protection program
  • Bacterial decontamination, treatment of mould and wild animal droppings

What sets us apart:

  • More than 30 years of experience in extermination and pest management
  • Highly qualified and reliable team
  • Personalized services
  • Eco-friendly and safe methods
  • Guaranteed results
  • Québec company
  • Unbeatable quality/price ratio

The commitment of Boisvert Gestion Parasitaire

Our mission: to ensure you have a safe and clean environment that is pest-free.

Trust our certified extermination and pest management technicians in Beloeil to resolve your infestation and contamination problems, in Montreal or the surrounding area.

We will provide you with all the services and resources you need to ensure you receive prompt and professional service.  

Contact our team in Beloeil for more information or for a quote.

We provide emergency services – 7 days a week, around the clock.

Your Exterminator in Beloeil is certified by the Ministry of the Environment.


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