How to safely clean up pigeon droppings

In urbanized areas, pigeons are part of the daily life of city dwellers. We see them strolling on the sidewalks without fear of passers-by and cooing under bridges over passing cars. As such, the pigeon is not really a problematic bird species, but when perched, it can release an impressive amount of droppings on anything below. If you are facing this problem, whether inside or outside your home and want to deal with it, here’s how to clean up pigeon droppings.

Preliminary measures before cleaning pigeon droppings

Cleaning pigeon droppings involves removing the guano from the outside or inside of a building after the animal has been removed. Pigeon droppings are generally not harmful to health, except in extreme cases. On the other hand, they can strongly affect the appearance of a building, cause odours and attract insects. Except in certain unusual situations, you can remove the pigeon droppings yourself, unless the extent of the problem is beyond your control or you are experiencing breathing problems. At such times, it may be appropriate to hire the services of a residential exterminator.

Whether the pigeon droppings to be cleaned are on the front of your building or in your attic, the same process can be used. But before you rush to buy products or start cleaning the area, a health and safety risk assessment is essential, especially if the work will be done at height.

It is also recommended to take certain preliminary measures. A face mask, disposable coveralls and rubber gloves must be worn at all times, as well as safety glasses and a good pair of boots.

Products used to kill bacteria in pigeon droppings

There are many cleaning products developed especially for bird droppings. First, there are disinfectants, designed to kill bacteria and organisms, and simple cleaning agents, which, as their name suggests, are simply designed to clean. In most cases, a bucket of hot soapy water containing a little household detergent is a simple but ideal cleaning solution.

Cleaning pigeon droppings is no different from any other thorough cleaning work. With the right equipment, the work will be done quickly. To remove the guano on window sills and the like, a scraper is all you need to remove it. Moisten overly dry guano to soften it before removing it and reduce the amount of dust thrown into the air. Once all pigeon droppings have been scraped and removed from the surface, simply wash the area with a brush and the cleaning solution mentioned above.

What should be done with the excrement next? Small quantities of pigeon guano can be safely disposed of in a domestic or commercial waste bin.

When pigeon droppings become too overwhelming

Urban life means living with a host of animal species, including pigeons. Although this bird is not a threat to human health, the droppings it produces are never desirable, either outside or inside a building. Fortunately, with the right equipment, it is quite easy to remove pigeon droppings.

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