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Wild animals
and birds

When an animal is moved from an environment where it finds food and shelter, and these are still accessible, it is only a matter of time for another animal to come and take the place of the animal. moved. The problem is not settled at the base and it is only an eternal recommencement. All experts agree that animals should not be relocated, even if they look healthy. Indeed, each movement of wild animals is associated with the risk of introducing new diseases or parasites into an area where they are absent, which can have significant negative consequences for public health, agriculture or forestry. conservation of threatened species.

But sometimes the capture and relocation of wild animals are necessary. Our professional team has several solutions for you.

To control harmful birds and wild animals,
we put in place several processes:

  • Installation and maintenance of small mammal traps such as squirrels, skunks, raccoons, marmots, pigeons and other nuisance birds;
  • Installation of mechanical products or permanent nets for the prevention of harmful birds;
  • Transfer (relocation) of undesirable wild animals in compliance with them, without maltreatment;
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